Small Player : Lightweight and Simple Audio Player for Windows

Small Player is a tiny audio player program for Windows. It is perhaps the smallest and fastest music player available for PC. It is even smaller than the other small music player XMPlay. The download size for XMPlay is 370KB while Small Player has only 270KB download.

Another striking feature of Small Player is that it is a portable software. There is nothing to install if you want to use Small Player. You just have to download and extract the ZIP archive to a folder. From there, you can launch splayer.exe to use it. This makes it an ideal choice for your portable application collections.

Even though Small Player is a simple and slender audio player, it supports playing back many different audio file formats. You can play MP3, FLAC, M4A, APE, CUE, MP2, MP1, MPC, OGG, WAV, WMA, AIF using Small Player. It even supports many different types of playlists including M3U, M3U8, PLS and WPL. If you want, you can associate it with the supported file types. After the system integration, you can simply double-click on the audio files to play them in Small Player.

Small Player

In the user interface of Small Player, you can drag-n-drop audio files to the default playlist. You can add files, folders and playlists in the same manner. It support playback of streaming online audio which can be played by adding its URL in Small Player. It works great with online radio stations that have online streaming URLs in the PLS or M3U format. The audio file being played is displayed near the notification area of Windows desktop.

Small Player

This simple and easy-to-use audio player is ideal for those people who are running entry level notebook computers having very minimal system resources. It takes the littlest of the RAM and does not affect the CPU performance at all. It can be compared with XMPlay but it does not have a Winamp style user interface.

You can download Small Player from