No Screen Saver Prevents Screen Saver from Locking Windows

Imagine the embarrassment when you are presenting your monthly report in an office meeting and suddenly your computer’s screen saver becomes active. On the projector screen, there will be nothing but the computer’s screen saver. It will be even worse if your screen is locked because of the screen saver. In that case, you will have to enter the password in front of everyone which may expose your password to everyone in the room.

So how do you go about preventing such a problematic situation? One way is to disable all the screensavers and extend the screen on time to forever so that screen saver never kicks in and computer screen is never turned off. However, there is a quicker way through the use of a freeware tool called “No Screen Saver”.

No Screen Saver is a Windows utility that can help you avoid the annoying situation when your screen saver ends up locking the Windows screen. This tool works on all versions of Windows including Windows 10. It can be very useful when you are using your Windows notebook computer for demonstration or presentation of a service or product.

No Screen Saver

No Screen Saver does not come with any user interface. All you will see as an indication that it is running and working in the background is its notification area icon. You can right-click on this icon to view its “About” page or close the program.

When running in the background, it blocks any attempts to lock the screen of your Windows PC. So even if the screen saver is activated, it will be not able to lock your screen to do anything else unwanted. You will be able to keep using your PC without any apprehensions of your Windows screen going blank and getting locked out.

You can download No Screen Saver from