Split a Blu-ray Disk into Multiple DVDs with Blu-ray to DVD Express

Blu-ray disks come in two capacities – 25 GB and 50 GB. The 25 GB Blu-ray disks are single layer disks while the 50 GB disks are double-layer disks. Such huge capacities are great for storing not only movies but a ton of other things like music, documents, and backups. But at the same time, Blu-ray is not really available that readily even in the new computers. Almost all of the laptops that have any optical drive come with a DVD writer. This is why it makes sense to backup a Blu-ray disk on to several DVD disks.

For splitting a large Blu-ray disk into smaller DVD disks, you can use a freeware Blu-ray to DVD Express. This small software is able to read both the single layer and the dual layer Blu-ray disks and backup them on any kind of blank DVD sets. In fact the ability to use 25 GB or 50 GB Blu-ray disks depends mainly on your Blu-ray writer.

Blu-ray to DVD Express

You can use DVD5 (single layer DVD with capacity of 4.5 GB) or DVD9 (dual-layer DVD with capacity of 8.1 GB) with Blu-ray to DVD Express. If you use DVD5 then you will need many more disks than when you use DVD9. We suggest that you use large capacity DVD9 disks for saving time.

Blu-ray to DVD Express

As you can guess, for Blu-ray to DVD Express to work, you will need two optical drives – one for reading from Blu-ray disk and another for writing to the blank DVDs. You start by selecting the source Blu-ray drive and then go through one step at a time to split the original Blu-ray disk into several DVD disks. At the end, you should have a number of DVDs for your use. These DVDs will be compatible with any DVD drive that you have purchased in the last twenty years.

You can download Blu-ray to DVD Express from https://www.opencloner.com/blu-ray_to_dvd_expre.html.