Compare Folders and Merge Differences with SmartSynchronize

SmartSynchronize is a software for comparing, merging and synchronizing files and folders. It is developed using Oracle Java and works on all the desktop platforms that support Java such as Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. It is ideal when you want to synchronize your everyday work between your desktop to your portable hard drive.

SmartSynchronize comes both as an installer as well as a portable software. The portable version is very useful when you want to sync your work folders with your portable drives. You can keep it on your portable drive and run it from there. The Windows version of SmartSynchronize does not require JRE to be installed as it comes with JRE inside the package.

The user interface of SmartSynchronize is a two pane file explorer. You can open two folders that are to be synced. You can compare them based on the file data or file contents. The merge feature can be used to merge the differences between the files. It uses a three-way merge that can compare three files and edit them to add the changes from the different files. The ability to archive files is built inside the program.


Comparison feature can be used to find the differences between your files from previous versions of projects. For example, if you have edited a WordPress theme then you can compare the unedited set of files with the edited ones and it will visually display all the differences. The user interface for file difference and merging tool looks a lot like WinMerge – an open-source file comparison and merging tool.

SmartSynchronize is not a backup tool and the developers specifically state that it should not be used as a backup tool or for synchronizing with remote computers such as FTP servers. But it works great for file syncing, comparison and merging.

You can download SmartSynchronize from