Start10 : Windows 7 Style Start Menu for Windows 10

Those of us who still have not got around to getting used to the newer Windows 10 Start menu have so many other options that can bring back the Windows 7 style start menu to your Windows 10 PC. One of the popular start menu replacements available today is Start10, a product of Stardock – the popular utilities software publisher.

With the help of Start10, you will get the good olf Windows 7 Start menu on your Windows 10 PC instantly. It can be customized both in terms of the functionality and in appearance. For example, you can choose to have a Windows 7 style start menu or Windows 10 style start menu with added features. You can also have a Modern style start menu that resembles the start menu from Windows 8.


Upon installation of Start10, you will see the configuration window from where you can choose these styles. By default, it uses the Windows 7 style start menu. From here you can also choose a picture for the start button – there are dozens of start button icons available. Moreover, you can also supply your own graphics – perhaps designed by yourself or downloaded from the internet.


Among the functionality, you can choose what happens when you click on the start button, when you press the Windows logo key on your keyboard, whether the desktop background under the taskbar is to be blurred, whether a texture has to be applied to the Windows desktop taskbar, whether the start button is to be displayed on secondary taskbars as well, what happens when you click the power button and more.


Start10 is not free but it is one of the best start menu replacements available on the internet. It has tons of features, uses a very beautiful interface, and integrates very well with the Windows desktop.

You can download Start10 from