Eagle Mode : Zoomable File Manager for Windows and Linux

Eagle Mode is a zoomable file manager that offers file viewers, utilities, and even games – all built inside the file manager window. It uses what is called ZUI – zoomable/zooming user interface which allows you to zoom in or out to increase or decrease the viewing area of the application. Perhaps this is why it is named Eagle Mode – just like an eagle flying high above in the sky can zoom on a tiny mouse on the ground, you can zoom-in or zoom-out on a folder located on your hard drive.

When you launch Eagle Mode for the very first time, it displays a notification with important information regarding reading the Eagle Mode manual, help and other files. This is really useful information and you should read the manual before using Eagle Mode or you will feel like a deer in the headlights.

Eagle Mode

The file manager bundled with Eagle Mode is emFileMan that uses the ZUI approach to select or explore a folder. You can go to the base level of a drive from a shortcut in the toolbar and then zoom in to select one folder and then a sub-folder and so on. It takes a little time to getting used to this fun concept.

Near the top of the Eagle Mode, you can see a toolbar that holds many useful commands – like switch to fullscreen, copy, mode, change attributes, delete, open command prompt, pack selected files into a ZIP or GZ archive and more.

Eagle Mode

Eagle Mode comes with two popular games – 3D chess and 3D minesweeper. Since Eagle Mode can be switched to the full-screen mode, you can enjoy playing these games in full-screen mode. 3D Chess can be played with 8 different difficulty levels. 3D minesweeper is much more difficult than it looks.

You can download Eagle Mode from http://eaglemode.sourceforge.net/.