Antivirus Removal Tool : Remove Any Antivirus Product from Windows PC

As soon as the personal computers hit the market back in the late 1980s, a special category of programs called the computer virus also emerged as a serious threat for the PC. The problem has got only worse with time as newer and much more dangerous malware is now threatening the disruption of computers users every single day. In order to avoid malware infection, we must install a good antivirus software on our computers.

Because of the lucrative offers from various security vendors when we want to switch from one antivirus software to another, we have to first uninstall the existing antivirus product. Usually the removal of an antivirus product goes smoothly but there are times when removing the antivirus software becomes an ordeal for the average PC user.

When you cannot remove an antivirus product the regular way, you have to seek the help of a professional called Antivirus Removal Tool. It is a set of removal tools offered by various antivirus vendors. It can automatically detect the antivirus software installed on your system and offers you to remove them in both the regular way and through the forced uninstallation.

Antivirus Removal Tool

The second method uses the special removal tools that scan your system for files, registry entries and configuration changes. These tools can remove everything related to an antivirus product and clean up the remnants. It can detect both the currently installed antivirus software and any antivirus software that was previously installed but was removed by you.

Antivirus Removal Tool

It comes with the force removal tools offered by 29 different vendors. You can find these tools from the subfolder named “Tools”. You can manually run these tools from this folder too. These tools can get rid of any remnants left behind even after successful removal of an antivirus software.

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