Compress JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF with Free Online Image Compressor

When you have to share your images online whether you are sending them to your friends as email attachments, sharing them over social media, or posting them in your blogs, the first thing you should do is to compress them to make the smaller in size. By compressing the images, you reduce their file size considerably which makes it easy for you to share them and they download faster even on slower connections. Almost all kinds of images can be compressed to a certain degree without any loss in their quality or content.

If you are looking for a fast image compressor that you can use without having to install anything on your computer then you can try Free Online Image Compressor –  a web app that can take any of your JPEG, PNG, SVG or GIF images and compress them while keeping their original quality. It can drastically reduce their file size from multiple megabytes or a few kilobytes.

Free Online Image Compressor

Using this free web app is extremely easy. All you have to do is open this web app in any of your web browsers and ten drop all the supported image files on its page. You can add up to 40 images in one go. Also each image files cannot be more than 5MB in size. While these two limitations may exist there is hardly anyone who is going to complain about them. As soon as the images are added, they are uploaded and compressed.

Free Online Image Compressor

Download links of all the compressed images are available on the web app. You can download them individually one at a time, or you can download them all in one go by clicking on the “Download All” button which downloads a zipped archive of all the image files.

You can start compressing your images by visiting Free Online Image Compressor at