Convert WebP Images to JPEG, PNG, ICO with Webp Converter

These days more and more websites are switching to the new image file format called WebP. This image format has been developed by Google and offers superior compression in two flavors – lossless compression (when the original quality of the source image is retained) and lossy compression (where more compression is achieved at the sacrifice of the original image quality).

Because of the sudden popularity in the WebP image file format, there are high chances that the images you download from the internet are of WebP format. Sometimes these WebP images are renamed to have an extension .JPG. The only time you realize it is actually WebP when you try to open the image files in image viewer applications like IrfanView.

If you have downloaded a WebP image and want to convert it into regular image file types such as JPG then you can use Webp Converter. It is a Windows application that helps you convert WebP images into other image file formats such as JPEG, PNG and ICO. It also helps convert other type of images into WebP format. It is able to convert JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, SVG, GIF images into the WebP file format.

Webp Converter

Using the Webp Converter is very easy. The very first thing you have to do is select an output folder where the converted files are to be saved. In the settings, you can also choose the WebP compression level when you are converting other type of the images into the WebP image file format.

Webp Converter

After this you have to select the conversion type – WebP to other file formats or other image files to WebP. After this, you can drag-n-drop the source image files on the Webp Converter window. Then all you have to do is click on the “Convert” button. The converted files are saved in the specified output folder.

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