HeavenWard’s Free Keylogger : Parental Control Software for Windows & Mac

When kids start to grow up and begin using your PC, the first worry of any parent would be to protect the kids from all the bad things present on the internet – whether it is the inappropriate sites or chatting with strangers. And these days chatting is not limited to text chat, now there are livestreaming services available so easily through any web browser that anyone can start video chatting with strangers in seconds. Take YouNow for example, there are so many teenagers who use this video streaming site & app to connect with each other but they also interface with strangers from all over the world.

In order to protect your kids, you should keep an eye on all of their online activities. You can use HeavenWard’s free keylogger to record all the keystrokes that are made on your computer by a user. This simple keylogger works in Windows and macOS both. It can record every single key press of your PC, so that you can always monitor which user is carrying out which actions on your PC.

Free Keylogger

As soon as you launch the program, it will display the default hotkey to hide or show the control window. This hotkey can later be changed from the settings. You can show or hide this program using this secret hotkey. For other users the program will be completely hidden and will keep running in the background.

In the settings of this keylogger, you can toggle the monitoring, choose a user to be monitored (this user is same as the Window user), choose a hotkey to hide/show the user interface of the keylogger, set a password to access the logs, setup an email address where the logs will be sent, and more. You can also delete the older logs from this window.

Free Keylogger

The free version of HeavenWard’s Keylogger does not have the feature to automatically send the logs to your email address periodically. For this feature, you will have to purchase a license and activate the paid version.

You can download HeavenWard’s Free Keylogger from https://www.hwsuite.com/free-keylogger/.