How to Disable Auto-Update Checks in Paint.NET

If you are not satisfied with the basic Microsoft Paint image editor that comes installed with Windows 10, then there are many alternatives available. You do not have to install very expensive commercial software like Adobe Photoshop, as there are really good image editors such as Paint.NET available. This image editor is designed using the Microsoft .Net framework and has all the features you would want from a good image editing software. It can compete easily with the mammoths like the open-source GIMP and the king of commercial image editors Adobe Photoshop. It supports layers based image editing just like GIMP and can work with a large number of file formats.

But while working with Paint.NET, I encountered a problem – it keeps displaying information about new update available. Two options are give to the user – download the installer to install later, and download the installer package to install right now. While it is a good idea to update Paint.NET to the latest version, it is not always desired especially when you are busy doing something important.

Disable Auto-Update Checks

Fortunately, you can disable auto-update checks in Paint.NET if necessary. Here is how:

  1. Launch Paint.NET and click on the small cogwheel icon near the top-right corner. This will open the Paint.NET settings window.
  2. In the Paint.NET settings window, select Updates section.
  3. Uncheck the checkbox labeled Automatically check for updates when Paint.NET starts.Disable Auto-Update Checks
  4. Click on the Close button and restart Paint.NET. This time it won’t check for any new updates.

You will still be able to manually check for updates in Paint.NET. And of course, you can always revert the update check settings to the default values so that Paint.NET can check for updates when you launch it. Then there is the usual way of checking for a new version through software managers and update checkers like RuckZuck, UCheck, or NPackd.

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