Keyboard LEDs Displays Numlock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock State

Keyboard LEDs is a Windows application that displays the status of various lock keys (Caps lock, Numlock, Scroll lock)  on your system. It displays the status of these lock keys both in the notification area and the desktop screen.

After the installation is done Keyboard LEDs will display a small configuration window where you can choose the lock keys for which the status has to be shown. You can also choose the color of the LED that is associated with the status of various lock keys. Different settings exist for both the system tray icon and the screen display. The screen display does not show the LEDs but displays the status in text format, for example, “Num Lock ON” or “Caps Lock ON” etc.

Keyboard LEDs

Once this configuration is saved, Keyboard LEDs will continue to display the status of your lock keys in the system tray and also optionally on your screen. It will also play a beep sound whenever the status of these keys changes.

Keyboard LEDs

We all know that we can toggle the locks using our physical keyboard or using a virtual keyboard that comes built-in Windows 10. But Keyboard LEDs allows you to change the locks through its notification area icon as well. You can right-click on its system tray icon and toggle various lock keys easily. This is useful when you are working in a dimly lit room or at night time when you cannot see all the keys on your keyboard but you can quickly toggle the locks using the tray icon.

Keyboard LEDs

Keyboard LEDs is a very useful software for Windows users specially for the laptop owners as the newer laptops do not come with all the LED indicators. With the help of Keyboard LEDs, you can display the lock keys notifications easily on your desktop.

You can download Keyboard LEDs from