Quick Hash : Hashing Utility for Hashing Text, Files and Folders

Quick Hash is a file, folders and text hashing tool that can use a number of hashing algorithms such as MD5, SHA-1, SHA-3, SHA256, SHA512, xxHash64, Blake2B, and Blake3. In addition to calculating the hashes or checksums of files or text strings, it can also compare two files or hashes. It is an open-source tool that works across all the popular desktop platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Quick Hash for Windows comes as a portable software. You can simply extract the contents of the ZIP archive to a folder and run “Quickhash-GUI.exe” from there. The program has a tabbed user interface with each tab dedicated to a special hashing operation. You can calculate different types of hashes for text strings, single file, multiple files from a folder, compare two files or folders using file hashes, hash the contents of entire disks etc.

Quick Hash

There is a copy feature using which you can copy files and verify them later. It first calculates the file hashes from the source folder, copies them to the destination folder and then calculates the hashes of the files in the destination folder. If the file hashes of files in the source folder and the destination folders do not match, then there was problem in the copying process. If the hashes match, then files were copied properly. This is very useful when copying very large files for backup.

Quick Hash

The directory comparison tool is also going to be very useful when we checking if any files have changed between two dates or two events. When you are working on a group project and want to find out which files were modified by others in your development project group, this tool will be able to tell you in a few seconds.

You can download Quick Hash from https://www.quickhash-gui.org/.