KillProcess : Advanced Process Terminator for Windows

There are many ways to terminate applications and processes in Windows. One of the well know method is through the Windows Task Manager and another one is through the TaskKill command which gives  a lot of flexibility when finding and searching the applications before terminating them. And if you have some understanding of Windows PowerShell, then it also allows you to kill programs fairly easily. However, if you want to have an advanced program just to kill and terminate apps and processes, then you can try a third-party software called TMGDev KillProcess.

TMGDev KillProcess can be run as an administrator or as a standard user. When it is run as an administrator, it displays the status in its window. This way you can know whether you have admin access to terminate apps. It displays a big list of processes that are being run in your Windows PC. You can right-click on any of these processes and choose to kill it. You can also view various other information about that process such as the process data, version data, loaded modules, filename, etc.


It comes with a feature called “Scan & Kill” that helps you search and find some processes. You can right-click on a process and choose to “Add Process to Scan List”. Once a process has been added to the scan list, KillProcess will keep finding that processes whenever it is run and auto-terminates it.

From the toolbar of KillProcess, you can also kill the selected processes and and refresh the list of the processes to load the currently running processes in your PC. The toolbar also has buttons to minimize the KillProcess window to the taskbar or the system tray.


We tried KillProcess on Windows 10 64-bit and were able to kill any process without any problem. The user interface looks a bit confusing at first, but within a few seconds you can learn your way around its interface. Its scan and kill feature is really useful for regularly killing a set of processes.

You can download TGMDev KillProcess from