Lock Secure Apps in Android with AppLockZ

Imagine you are having lunch with your workplace colleagues and accidentally leave your phone on the table for  a few minutes. Some of your colleagues might immediately pickup your phone and starts going through your apps and files. These are the same nosy people who hide behind trees to eavesdrop on your conversation with your sweetheart. Such nosy people everywhere and you cannot avoid them all the time. But you can take steps to protect your personal life and information from their snooping eyes using the Zapya AppLockZ app.

Zapya AppLockZ is an app for Android that helps locking apps and protecting them with a password, pattern or PIN lock. It is a great way to safeguard your apps against unwanted use by snoopy people. Once an app is locked, it cannot be used without unlocking it first and that requires knowledge of your PIN, password, pattern or fingerprint scan. You can use it to lock your important apps such as email apps like GMail or Yahoo Mail, text messaging apps, video chat apps like Skype and Zoom etc.

Zapya AppLockZ

The app uses a number of security measures to ensure that nobody can unlock the apps or access those apps and finds a workaround. During the first few steps after the app installation, it asks you to give special app permissions such as the ability to monitor other apps and run as a service all the time. It also gives you options to change the app title and icon to something different, so that nobody can locate the locker app. In the app settings, you can change the time to lock the apps, whether the apps are be locked after screen is locked, change the lock type, whether to use shake sensor and more.

Zapya AppLockZ

While the app seems to take many steps to use stealth and hide itself from unwanted people trying to unlock your apps, it does not take any steps against removal of this app from the Android settings. I was able to uninstall this app without any problem, and then use all the locked apps without any problem. You can workaround this loophole by locking the Android settings app and the Google Play store app.

You can get Zapya AppLockZ from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dewmobile.kuaiya.zproj.applockz.