Kitten Player : Lightweight Small Music Player for Windows

Kitten Player is a lightweight small music player that is designed based on the code of a very popular music player called Foobar2000. As such it supports all the common audio formats that you will find on any modern Windows PC. It can also fetch tracks and their data from the internet and convert your music into MP3 files.

The audio player comes with an installer and during the installation it downloads even more files for finishing the installation. You can turn off the internet connection of your Windows PC, if you do not want it to download the required install files – the installation still continues and becomes successful.

In order to play the music collection stored on your PC, you can simply add the music files or folders to the Kitten Player list. Once this is done, you can hit the play button and it will start playing one track at a time. The music files if are not already in the MP3 format will have options to convert the audio files into the MP3 file format. It uses Windows native API to play and convert audio tracks. The MP3 files created using Kitten Player have VBR and are of very high audio quality.

Kitten Player

Kitten Player comes with an in-built metadata editor. It can add new data and edit existing data from music files. Information such as artists, album title,  track number, track title can be changed simply by right-clicking on the tracks and choosing the appropriate options.

Kitten Player is a small application and does not consume many of your system resources. It may show some glitches when trying to play the music files for the very first time but with a big music library some of these glitches are not unexpected.

You can download Kitten Player from