How to Remove Your Facebook Posts in Bulk

These days teenagers start using social networks like Twitter and Facebook as early as fifteen years of age. When we are that young, we think less and express our thoughts using words that might not be palatable to everyone. And then we have to find jobs and guess what, now those older social media posts from years ago come to haunt us when the employers find out what we were writing about certain things 10 years ago.

If you want to clean up your Facebook historical posts, then earlier there was no other way but to delete one post at a time or to delete the Facebook account altogether. But now Facebook offers a new tool called Facebook Posts Management using which you can delete your Facebook posts in bulk.

Here is how it is done on a desktop computer:

  1. In your web browser, visit Facebook and login to your account.
  2. Click on your user name near the top-left to visit your Facebook timeline.Facebook Bulk Post Delete
  3. Click on Manage Posts. This will open a box from where you can select your posts listed by month.Facebook Bulk Post Delete
  4. You can scroll down to select whole months worth of posts. For example, selecting June 2013 will select all the posts that you made in that month. You can also choose to apply filters to fine tune your selection. You can select only a maximum of 50 posts in a single time.Facebook Bulk Post Delete
  5. Click on the Next button to proceed and view the available actions. Choose Delete Posts from the available list of actions and then click Done.Facebook Bulk Post Delete

You can repeat these steps over and over again, until you have deleted all of your posts from Facebook. This tool can also be used from a smartphone or tablet but it is much easier when you are using a desktop web browser.