Kobo Desktop App : Read Kobo e-Books on PC or Mac

E-books have been around for a long time now. But they have become very popular only in the last decade This is due to awareness about the global warming and protection of the environment. Traditional books need paper which is made from trees and for that many tress have to be cut down. So by using e-books we can save some trees. Another reason why people are preferring e-books is that they are available in seconds after the purchase – you do not have to wait for the delivery.

One of the most popular platform for selling e-books or audio-books is Rakuten Kobo, popularly called just Kobo. You can find all sorts of books belonging to a large number of categories on Kobo. They even have many e-books available for free. You need a Kobo device for reading these e-books, but you can also read their desktop app on your Windows PC or Apple Mac.

Kobo Desktop App

Kobo desktop app comes only for Windows and Mac. You have to login to your Kobo account after launching the Kobo app. As soon as the login is successful, it will start downloading all of your purchased e-books for offline use. This takes only a few seconds, after which you can enjoy reading your e-books on the large screen of your desktop computer or laptop.

Kobo Desktop App

The interface of the Kobo desktop app is same as that of their website. You can browse through all the available books and buy them if you like them. The reader has many options to make reading comfortable for you. You can change the font, font size, alignment, margins, line spacing, color themes, page setup (single page display or two page at once) and more.

Kobo Desktop App

Kobo desktop app is really handy if your Kobo device is having some problem or you cannot find it. You can actually connect and sync your Kobo device with the Kobo desktop app.

You can download Kobo desktop app from https://www.kobo.com/.