Password Protect or Restrict Access to Folders with Folder Guard

These days many of us have to work from our homes because of the situation with the pandemic. And when working from home, it is inevitable that kids are going to play with your computer during or after the work hours. In order to prevent the little ones from deleting or modifying your files, you should password protect the folders containing work related or otherwise important files. This can be done very easily with the help of Folder Guard. It is a security software that locks down your folders using basic password protection. In addition, it can also be used to restrict access to your folders.

In order to launch Folder Guard, you have to enter a master password which you can setup at the first launch. This is to ensure that not just anyone can launch the software and make changes to the folder protection settings. In the user interface of Folder Guard, you can browse all the folders on your hard drive. You can select any of these folders, right-click on it and choose to password protect it or add restrictions to it.

Folder Guard

When you add password protection to a folder, you have to supply a new password as well as who can unlock the folder using this password. Even when a password is entered, there are options to fully unlock the folder or keep the folder read-only. When you try to open a password protected folder, it will show a blank Windows Explorer window with an Unlock button in the middle. You can click on this button to enter the unlock password.

Folder Guard

When a protected folder is unlocked, it displays a Lock button in the title bar which can be used to lock the folder once again. Even if you don’t use this Lock button to lock down the folder, the folder is locked once again automatically when you close its window. Putting restrictions on the folders work in the same manner. You can choose the visibility (visible, empty or hidden) for that folder. You can make the folder read-only or remove all access.

Folder Guard

Conclusion: Folder Guard provides you with all the tools to password protect, restrict access or hide your folders or files. It is easy to use and at the same time offers all the desired security features.

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