Lively Animated and Video Wallpapers for Windows Desktop

On any Windows PC, perhaps the first thing we all learn to do is how to set the desktop background image. Once we learn this useful feature, we go crazy, find tons of wallpaper images from the internet and change the wallpaper every few seconds. In fact there are many wonderful programs like John’s Background Switcher that can automatically change your desktop wallpaper from a number of sources. But what if you want to have an animated or video wallpaper? In that case, you will have to use an open-source software like Lively.

Lively is a free and open-source software for Windows computers that helps you set animations and videos as the desktop background. The software is designed to have a modern UI just like in Windows 10. After the installation of Lively on your Windows PC, you will have to configure it briefly and then it will go to work right away. You will be able to set a webpage as the wallpaper too – imagine a news website like New York Daily News as your desktop background. You will never miss anything interesting from the newspaper site.

Lively Desktop Wallpaper

In the configuration of Lively, you can choose a file as the wallpaper or choose a website as the desktop background. You can choose a PNG or JPG images, GIF animation as the desktop background. You can make it pause the video or animation playback in special situations for example, you switch to the full-screen mode either to play a new game or to watch a video.

Lively Desktop Wallpaper

Lively is a great tool to bring life to your Windows PC. You can use Lively to set a webppage, GIF animation or videos as the desktop background. Now you can work on your PC while watching your favorite videos and websites.

You can download Lively from