RecentX : Launcher for Recent Files, Programs, and Folders

Everyone has some programs, files or folders that they access more often during a work day. This is why some of us resort to creating their shortcuts on the desktop. While creating shortcuts of various programs and folders on the desktop works, it is a very messy way to access your often used applications or files. A much neater and well organized method is to use  an app launcher like RecentX which displays a list of all of your recently accessed files, your favorite programs and folders from a floating sidebar on your desktop.

After the installation of RecentX, it will immediately make a small toolbar or sidebar visible near the top-right corner of your screen. This toolbar has four icons – recent files, folders, programs, websites and the clipboard. From the sidebar settings, you can choose to show or hide it, auto-slide it, make it always stay on top of other windows, or change its transparency level.


As you click on various icons in the RecentX sidebar, you will be shown a different list in a big window. The list is populated by finding all the recently opened files, folders, URLs and programs. You can clear this list, delete the items from this list. The program displays various operations that can be performed on the items in these lists. These operations include deleting the files from the recent lists. This is why you should be very careful when choosing the operation to be performed on the items or you will end up deleting your important files.


RecentX also monitors the contents of your clipboard continuously and when it finds new data copied to the clipboard, it copies it to one of the lists. This way it can also act as your regular clipboard manager.

You can download RecentX from