OnlyStopWatch : Free Timer and Clock for Windows

OnlyStopWatch is a digital clock and timer application for Windows. It is similar to the stop-watch that you would often see with a high school sports coach. The same stop watch is now available for Windows users in the form of OnlyStopWatch. You can use it to count the time spent on something just like an egg timer. It can also be used to display the current time of your Windows system. It uses many color themes for displaying the time. You can switch it in the full-screen mode and display only the OnlyStopWatch on the entire screen.

From the menubar of OnlyStopWatch, you can choose to display the milliseconds, hours, in the timer or the clock. In order to switch back and forth to the full-screen mode you can press the F11can  button.  The color schemes can also be selected from the “Color” sub-menu. It comes with 12 different color schemes and all of them are very nice. From the same menubar, you switch between the timer and the desktop clock. The timer can be pauses, or reset from various function keys such as F5, F6 or F7.


OnlyStopWatch has many different uses depending on the user. For example, you can use the timer for counting down the time that you have spent watching Youtube videos in a day, the time you have spent taking breaks during a day at work, the time you have spent working on a project and so on. Personally, I find it very productive for challenging myself in finishing up the projects at work. I encourage myself to finish the same project faster every single time I start working. This way I finish up things faster and can improve my work efficiency without having to depend on any external encouragement.

You can download OnlyStopWatch from