Record Sound in Windows with AD Sound Recorder

Whether you are recording the Skype conversation, your phone calls or a song for your new music video, you need some or other sort of recording software for your Windows PC. Sure, Windows 10 comes with a small audio recorder but it is rather limited and does not allow saving the recordings as MP3 files. And when you search Google for some good recording software, you end up finding either some very expensive software suites or some very complicated open-source software designed mainly for Linux.

So what people have to do when they want to have a small but feature rich audio recording software. A small software called AD Sound Recorder comes to your rescue. It is small but it is well designed and offers many useful features. It can save the recordings in the very popular MP3 file format among other formats like OGG and FLAC. In addition to recording your sound, it can also playback the recorded files.

AD Sound Recorder

When launched, it started to monitor the audio coming from various audio input resources like your microphone, line in or system (which input has to be used should be configured in Windows devices settings). When you want to record the sound, you can just click on the record button. The recorded files are saved with named like record001.mp3, record002.mp3 and so on.

AD Sound Recorder

In the settings, we can change the value of DC offset and boost the sound input. It is very useful if you are recording audio at very loud volume or very small volume. The program also allows you to choose an output format like MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV and FLAC. You can choose the audio recording settings for each of these formats.

AD Sound Recorder

AD Sound Recorder is a nice and small audio recording application for Windows. It can save the recorded audio in many different formats of varying qualities. It presented little effort to work with this tiny program.

You can download AD Sound Recorder from