Quickly Upload Files to Mobile Phones with Device Uploader

Usually when you have to copy files back and forth between your computer and your mobile phone, you simply attach your phone to your PC with the help of a USB data cable. After this the phone storage appear in your computer and you can perform all sorts of file operations on it. The same process works for mobile phones of all different kinds.

But sometimes the mobile phone needs some settings to be changed before the file copy operations can be performed. If you want headache free file copy operations from your PC to your attached devices, then you can try Soft4Boost Device Uploader. It works with smartphones, music players, portable storage, digital cameras and so on. It supports both Android phone and iPhone.

Device Uploader has a minimal user interface. As soon as you launch Device Uploader, it will start to scan your system for any supported device and display all the detected devices in a drop-down listbox. You can select your target device from the list where you want to copy your files to. Then you have to add all the files that you want to copy. This can be accomplished by drag-n-drop or by using the “Add File” or “Add Folder” buttons.

Device Uploader

After you have selected a device and added the files, you can simply click on the “Upload” button and it will go to work right away. The file copy operation is very quick even for larger files but the data transfer speed really depends on the removable device interface.

Device Uploader can use many different types of interface like the USB data cable or Bluetooth pairing. In case of Bluetooth, the file copying process will be a tad slower compared to using the USB data cable.

You can download Soft4Boost Device Uploader from https://sorentioapps.com/device-uploader.