Rename Files and Change Attributes Quickly with Attribute Changer

All the files and folders stored on any storage media that you can access through your computer have certain attributes that can allow or disallow certain file operations for different Windows’ users. For example, if a file has “read-only” attribute set, then that file cannot be modified by ordinary programs without that attribute being reset. Similarly, if the “hidden” attribute of a file is set then you won’t see that file in the Windows File explorer, i.e., it will stay hidden from standard users.

There are many ways to change the file or folder attributes in Windows, for instance, through a command prompt, through PowerShell or through Windows File Explorer itself. But a much more convenient way to change the file attributes is through a third-party software called Attribute Changer.

Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer is a small tool for modifying the attributes of files and also folders. After the installation, you can simply right-click on any file or folder and choose to Change Attributes from the context-menu. From the small window that opens, you will be able to change the date, time, and compression settings for that file. You can set the file attributes – read-only, archive, hidden, compression, index and system. You can also choose to change the filename capitalization settings.

If you are not sure what will happen with the selected settings for a file, then you can use the simulation mode. This simulation mode can be enabled simply by selecting the checkbox Simulation mode. This will show you how the file name, dates and other attributes will look like without actually making changes to the file system.

Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer can also save the previous file settings for each file that you process through it. If later you want to restore the older settings, then you can right-click on that file and choose to use saved file attributes for that file. This ensures that you will be able to revert to older attributes in case of a problem.

You can download Attribute Changer from

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  1. Users of Total Commander will find that there is a “set attributes” position in the File menu. Dialogue very similar to that shown above, but no simulation mode.

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