Recover Lost Files & Folders with Magic Uneraser

Magic Uneraser is a Windows application that helps you recover lost or accidentally deleted files or folders. No matter how you have lost your important files, this tool can quickly scan your hard drive or other data storae devices and find out whether those lost files are still there and recoverable. This program supports both the FAT and NTFS file systems which basically covers 90% of the storage devices for a Windows PC.

Magic Uneraser comes both as a portable application and as a setup installer. The benefit of using the portable version is that you can copy it to a portable hard drive or a pendrive and use it on your Windows PC without having to install anything. It is highly recommended that you avoid copying or installing anything on the hard drive from which you wish to recover files – and this is why the portable version is very useful.

Magic Uneraser

Magic Uneraser comes with two different types of interfaces – a wizard and a classic interface. In the wizard interface, it will take you from one step to another while guiding and helping you choose various options. You can choose the hard drive, the scanning type, the files to be recovered and the destination where the recovered files are saved. In the classic interface, you have to pick everything from a single window but it still offers the same features.

Magic Uneraser

This recovery software allows you to save the recovered files in many different types of locations. You can save them on a local hard drive, on an FTP server, a removable USB drive, or create a ZIP archive containing them. The FTP option is useful if you do not have any secondary storage device on which the recovered files are going to be copied.

On special feature of Magic Uneraser is its ability to save disks, mount disks and create virtual drives. It is very useful when you are working on a hard drive or other storage media without actually having to have physical access to it. You can make a disk image and then mount it for data recovery. The software uses many special algorithms to find and recover the deleted files. It can even detect lost partitions.

Magic Uneraser

Magic Uneraser is a great data recovery software. It can help you recover your important data from all sorts of storage devices. We strongly recommend it for everyone who is trying to get their lost files back.

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