Save and Reload Multiple Sessions in Firefox with MySessions

For working on a particular project or task at hand, sometimes we have to open multiple websites in various different tabs in the Firefox browser. But if you have to close the Firefox browser for any reason when you already have all the webpages opened just like you want, you will have reopen all those websites all over again. Thankfully Firefox can restore the last session very easily. You can choose History → Restore Previous Session from the Firefox menubar to restore the last session which would reopen all the tabs and load all the webpages just like they were at the time Firefox was last closed.

Unfortunately, Firefox is limited to saving only the last session. But with the help of an extension called MySessions, you can store virtually an unlimited number of sessions and later restore them. This way you can save the tabs and restore them whenever you want – next time you launch Firefox , one week later or one month later. It is also very useful in restoring the last session even if the Firefox’s session gets messed up.

MySessions uses bookmarks to work and save the sessions. It bookmarks all the tabs using special names so that it can restore them later. When you save a session with MySessions, all the URLs from all the open tabs are bookmarked. While all of this happens in the background, it can make a mess of your bookmarks search.

MySessions for Firefox

Using MySessions is very easy. Whenever you want to save a session, you can click on its toolbar icon, select the tabs to be saved from a list of all the open tabs, and finally click on the big save button to save that session. All the saved sessions are displayed in a list and in order to restore any of these sessions, you can first select them and then choose one of the ways to restore the session – open the session in a new window, open in a new private window, open in the current window or select which tabs are to be opened.

MySessions for Firefox

MySessions is a really productive extension for Firefox users as it gives you power to store and restore an unlimited number of browser sessions. With its help, now you will never have to manually reopen all the tabs that you want to open for a particular task or work.

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