Sushi Browser : Maximize Screen Space Use When Browsing

Sushi Browser is not yet another Chromium based browser, but it adds some special features to the whole concept of a web browser. It focuses on utilizing the screen space available to a user to the maximum. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It can be installed on your system or be used in a portable mode. For the Windows users, it is available without Chromium components too which can be used if you already have Chromium or Chrome web browser installed on your system. For users who don’t have Chrome browser installed, there are two variants available – one that comes with Chrome browser bundled and another that comes with the Brave browser installed.

The browser introduces something that it called panels. You can create multiple panels to open websites inside them and arrange these panels on your screen in any order or fashion as you choose. From the menubar of Sushi browser, you can choose to arrange these panels on the left side, right side, bottom side, or arrange the tabs vertically in an order.

Sushi Browser

The browser offers many web browser modes suitable for opening a site in a special device mode such as iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy M13, Macbook Air and so on. You can take a screenshot of any of the open sites easily – you can take a full page screenshot and copy it to the clipboard or save it as a JPEG or PNG file. You can also take screenshots of only selected regions on a website. Other tools include management of web browser history, bookmarks manager, sessions manager, video controller, and accessing the Chrome menu from within the Sushi browser. It comes with a built-in note taking app using which you can take notes and save them locally as you visit various sites.

You can download Sushi Browser from