Ubisoft Games Giveaway : Tom Clancy’s The Division

Ubisoft is giving away a new really popular game this week – “Tom Clancy’s The Division”. It is an open-world action game where your goal is to restore the order in New York city after a viral epidemic episode in the city. You play in a team and your mission is to find the source of the virus before taking it down, maintain the law and order, and return everything back to normal.

The storyline in the game seems so relevant to what is happening today – albeit much more dramatic. The game uses Manhattan, New York city as its main location through all the levels. The city is going through a viral epidemic situation – the infection was spread through infected currency notes. The city is rampant with lawlessness, robberies, arson and more. Various gangsters and groups are trying to take over the city for a varied number of persons.

The Division Giveaway

You are member of a group called “The Division” that includes an elite group of civil agents that act as the last line of defense when everything else has failed. All the members of the group have special skills and working together you have to eliminate the threat as well as save the city from total collapse.

During the gameplay you encounter many other groups who have different goals like taking over the territory , gangs that just want to loot and cause trouble. These paramilitary groups and large gangs are very powerful and pause a risk to the completion of various goals for “The Division”.

The Division Giveaway

You can claim your free copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division by visiting https://register.ubisoft.com/the-division/en-US and then signing in to your Ubisoft account. After you have added the game to your Uplay library for free, you can access it through Uplay which must be installed on your PC.