VokoscreenNG : Screen Recording and Screen Casting Tool for Windows & Linux

VokoscreenNG is an open-source screen recording and screen casting tool for Windows and Linux computers. It offers many features that you may not find in other similar software. It allows you to record the screen of your computer as well as the webcam if there is one attached to your computer. The webcam input can also be used as inset video in the main desktop video recording. It allows you to limit the recording of the screen by the video file size as well as the time duration.

It has a very early 2000’s user interface that you would have found in software like Norton Utilities 2001, but it does offer many features packed in a small application. You can record the entire screen in the full-screen mode or you can choose one custom area of your screen to be recorded. For the audio recording, you can choose either your microphone or the system stereo mix. You can also use the magnification tool to zoom in to your screen before recording the screen.


There are options for choosing the codecs for the video as well as the audio streams being recorded. Depending on the screen resolution, the codecs and some other settings, it may consume more or less of your system resources when recording the screen. It is recommended to have at least an Intel Core i3 computer with 4 GB RAM to bring out optimal performance from this software.


Some Youtubers limit their video’s length to 10 minutes or more because videos with more than 10 minutes length are considered better. With the help of VokoscreenNG, you can limit the video length very easily. You can choose the timer options and it will automatically stop recording the video after that duration of time. In a similar manner, it allows you to record the video of a particular file size.

You can download VokoscreenNG from https://linuxecke.volkoh.de/vokoscreen/vokoscreen-download.html.