Free Shooter : Small, Fast and Easy Screenshot Taking App

When you want to capture the screen in your Windows PC, you do not have to invest in expensive software. You can use free software like Free Shooter that allows you to quickly capture the screen in seconds. Even though it does not come with an image editor or any type of annotation tools, it does provide for very fast and simple screen capture features.

Free Shooter is available both in form of a setup installer and as a portable application. The portable version of Free Shooter is only 272 kilobytes in download size which makes it the smallest screenshot program for Windows (other one being MWSnap which is only 600 kilobytes). But the small size should not be taken for less features – it offers all the screenshot capture options as MWSnap which is another free screenshot application for Windows.

Free Shooter

In its small user interface, you can choose the output folder, what you want to include in the screenshot (mouse cursor, window shadow, window background), what mode do you want to use (full-screen capture, window capture, selected region capture) and then click on the Screenshot button. This will capture the screenshot and save the file in the selected folder. Can anything be easier than this? You can keep clicking on the same button for capturing more screenshots.

Among the various options, you can choose the file naming format, image file type to be saved (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF), whether to copy the image to the clipboard, play capture sound or minimize Free Shooter window before capturing the screen. You can also set the hotkeys to capture your screen and save it as an image file. The default hotkeys are PrintScreen for full-screen screenshot,  Alt+PrintScreen for selected region screenshot and Ctrl+PrintScreen for active window screenshot.

You can download Free Shooter from