How to Activate Short Domain for Your ProtonMail Account

ProtonMail is becoming very popular these days. Every fifth person we meet has a ProtonMail account. The reason behind the this immense popularity is the security and protection offered by ProtonMail. If you are using ProtonMail email service, your email messages will be fully encrypted and inaccessible to anyone but only to the ProtonMail user .

But one of the very small problems with ProtonMail is that it is a tiny bit long domain name. It can be frustrating to spell it out to your friends and acquaintances when you are sharing your ProtonMail address with them. This is why ProtonMail developers have come up with short domain names that act has replacements for the main ProtonMail domain.

This short domain feature is not enabled by default and must be enabled for your ProtonMail account. Here is how it is done:

  1. In your web browser visit and login to your ProtonMail account.
  2. Near the top-right corner of the ProtonMail web interface, click on the Settings icon. Alternatively, you can also visit in your web browser directly.Enable IMAP in ProtonMail Account
  3. On the settings page for ProtonMail, select section from the left sidebar.
  4. Click on the Activate button shown for your email address.ProtonMail PM.ME
  5. When it is activated, you will see a green colored message that it has been activated for your email address.ProtonMail PM.ME

For free ProtonMail users, the short domain is available only for receiving email messages. If you are a paid user, then you will also be able to send email messages using the domain name for your email address.

Once you have enabled the short domain names for your ProtonMail account, you will be able to use instead of when sharing your email address with others. For example, instead of telling everyone that your email address is, you can share with them.