Epic Games Store Giveaway : ABZÛ

Epic Games Store is going to giveaway yet another game called Abzû. It is an underwater adventure game where you have to explore oceans and discover sea creatures of many different kinds. Not only you experience the beautiful underwater world but there is also an element of surprise when you encounter something unexpected or end up discovering something new.

In the Abzû game, you wake up near an ocean and have no recollection of what has happened and why you are near that big ocean. In an attempt to investigate and being curious by nature, you start exploring plants, sea life and other things inside the ocean. Some of these creatures are harmless and very friendly. But you will also encounter some very dangerous things lurking in the dark in the depths of the ocean.


You go through some very pleasant and calm parts of the ocean where fishes and other sea creatures dwell. You will also find some of the unexpected things such as the ancient ruins that are now submerged under the water. From these ruins, you can extract ancient technology and learn new secrets. In addition to exploring the ocean, you are also able to stumble upon some islands and explore them. It is a great respite to find these small islands after hours of underwater exploration and looking at the submerged world.

The game can be run smoothly on average level gaming computers. Its system requirements. It can even be run on the older Windows 7 computers if they have at least 4GB of RAM. But you would need a good graphics card such as Geforce GTX 750 or Radeon R7 260X. It won’t run properly on computers having only a single-core CPU. You need at least a dual core processor with 3.0 GHz clock frequency.

You can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/abzu/home to claim your free copy of the underwater adventure game ABZÛ.