How to Quickly Leave All Beta Apps for Android

We all install apps and games on our Android devices from Google Play store. Some of the app developers make not only release version of their apps available for everyone, but they also let users join their beta programs. When you join the beta program for an app, you get access to the latest app version that is still being developed and tested by the developers.

The benefit of making beta version of the apps available for everyone is that developers get to test the app in the real world – on the devices of millions of users who decided to join their beta programs. For example, Facebook allows you to join beta and then you can install newer than the newest version of the Facebook app on your system with a condition that some usage data will be collected and sent over to Facebook server.

For the Android users, the benefits are multi-fold : they get to use the latest version of the apps for free, they actively help removing some of the bugs in these apps, and sometimes beta testers get freebies when the beta phase is over. I remember getting one year of free subscription for F-Secure internet security once just because I was a beta tester.

However, if you want to switch back to the release versions of these apps and leave the beta programs for all the apps that you have joined, then you can do so quickly from the Google Play store settings. Here is how:

  1. Launch Google Play store on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the menu icon and choose Settings from there to open Play store settings.
  3. On the settings screen tap on Google Play preferences.
  4. Tap on Leave beta programs and confirm it.Leave Beta Apps in Android

This is certainly faster than leaving the beta programs one at a time. This way you leave all the beta program at once without having to waste any time. This will follow with removal of beta versions of the apps and installation of the release versions of those apps.