Merge Several Pages into a Single Page PDF with PDF Page Merger

If you have to print many pages containing small text or graphic then you would be wasting paper. Each of these papers being printed will have a small item on them. Instead of printing 10 pages containing small items, we can join all the pages together and print them all on a single page. This way not only you save the expensive printer ink and the number of paper sheets used but also also your time spent in printing so many pages. For example, in the following illustration, we have joined or merged four pages into a single page (all pages being of the same size) and saved paper sheets, printer ink as well as our precious time.

PDF Page Merger

But the obvious question comes – how do we merge multiple pages into a single page? With the help of PDF Page Merger, you can easily and quickly merge a number of pages into a single page PDF. It is fairly easy to use and if you are not working with more than 100 PDF pages, then it is free for use. The free version also stamps the resulting single page PDF with a watermark which is not placed in the paid pro version of the software.

PDF Page Merger

In the PDF Page Merger user interface, you can open a PDF document containing multiple pages. The next thing you have to do is select all the pages that should be merged into a single page. You can also choose to merge 2 or 4 pages into a single page from all of the PDF file. There are options to rotate the pages to fit them if needed. You can then choose an output folder and click on the Merge Now button and it will produce the desired PDF document in a matter of seconds.

You can download PDF Page Merger from