Access All System Settings in Windows 10 with “Win 10 All Settings”

A few years ago, someone discovered a special folder that could display all the settings available for Windows 7. They named it “God Mode” and it continues to work in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10. All you have to do is create a folder and give it a special name as explained in one of our previous articles – how to create God Mode in Windows 8. Even though is instructions are for Windows 8, they are valid and tested as working for Windows 10.

Now if you want a much easier way to access various settings scattered all over Windows 10, you can use a third-party freeware called “Win 10 All Settings”. This small tool places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. You can then click on this icon and access to various tools and settings. You will find all these tools and settings categorized under “God Mode”, “Control Panel”, “Admin Tools”, “Windows Settings”, and more.

Win 10 All Settings

This tool is for those people who have to often access the system settings and who find it annoying launching the system settings window (through the Start menu or through the hotkey Win+I). It also covers the traditional control panel that has existed in Windows since the days of Windows 95. Finally, it covers the massive number of tools and settings available through the God Mode folder. Since the God Mode is really big set of settings, it even allows you to quickly search through the list for a setting you are interested in.

The main purpose of this small tool is to assist users in quickly finding all the Windows settings and tools by providing alternative access through the notification area. Using this “Win 10 All Settings” tool, anyone can save time spent in searching for various options as now they are quickly available through a system tray icon.

You can download “Win 10 All Settings” from