O&O BlueCon : Bootable System Rescue Disc for PC

Usually when something happens to a Windows PC and it has a problem booting into Windows desktop, it can be easily fixed by using the startup repair feature in Windows 10. But sometimes so much damage has been done to the system that an expert is needed to fix the problems. O&O BlueCon is such a expert rescue disc that can be used fix the most common problems with a Windows PC and make it start safely into Windows.

O&O BlueCon is a rescue disc designed for repairing computers that can no longer start on their own. It contains all the tools from O&O that are helpful in recovering your data and fixing the problems. It comes with the following tools built inside it:

  1. DiskImage – for backing up and restore entire hard disk drives or partitions
  2. DiskRecovery – for restoring files that were accidentally deleted
  3. DeviceManager – for fixing driver software problems in Windows
  4. SafeErase – for securely deleting files from your hard drives
  5. UserManager – for resetting Windows user login passwords
  6. PartitionManager – for repairing, editing, creating partitions on your system
  7. RegEditor – for backing up, restoring, editing or removing things from Windows registry
  8. CheckDisk – for finding and fixing the file system errors on partitions
  9. FileExplorer – for locating your files, copying or removing them

Since it is a bootable media, you have to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive using the downloaded O&O BlueCon software package. The bootable media will boot your PC into a WinPE environment with all the tools preloaded. You can launch any of the tools and fix your computer’s problems.

O&O BlueCon

In case your system has corrupt driver files and some devices cannot be used because of missing drivers, O&O BlueCon comes with something called DriverLoader. It can automatically detect missing drivers from a large number of devices and load them when needed so that you can use any device connected to your PC.

O&O BlueCon is designed for technicians and administrators and is not really meant for individuals. It is designed for small to large companies where technicians can work on multiple computers and fix the ones that have problems booting up into Windows.

You can request a test version of O&O BlueCon from https://www.oo-software.com/en/oo-bluecon-disaster-recovery-for-companies.