UltraPass : Password Generator for Android Devices

When creating a new account of any kind, you have to choose a username and password. While you can be creative with your username, you have to ensure that you choose a very strong password for your new accounts. Similarly, you have to keep changing the account passwords from time to time. For all these times when you have to think of a new, creative, easy-to-remember and strong passwords, you need a strong password generator.

You can use UltraPass strong password generator for Android for all of your password generation needs. The app comes with all the features expected from a strong password generator app. It gives you options to select a number of character sets – lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, special characters, etc.

If you want to have a password that is easy to speak and you can enable the “Speakable” option. It creates passwords that have consonants and vowels arranged in a manner that you can speak the password without much problem.


In order to make the passwords harder-to-crack, you can choose options like “Only unique characters” which makes the app select one character only one time for the passwords, that is, characters are not repeated in the generated password which decreases the chances of that password getting brute forced. Another way to make the password stronger is to increase the password length to be 12 or more characters.

Three passwords are auto-generated and shown near the top edge of the app. You can copy these passwords and use them in any other app or inside a web browser on your smartphone. But if you want to share the password on other devices, then it can generate a QR code containing that password which can be scanned by QR scanner apps in other devices. You can also make the password large so you can read it easily when using it for creating a new account or updating your passwords.

UltraPass is a handy tool to have on your smartphones which is really useful when creating new accounts as you can quickly generate very very strong passwords using this small app.

You can get UltraPass for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.softwareschiek.ultrapass.