Record & Play Macros in Windows with Jitbit Macro Recorder

Macro recorders are special software applications that can record all of a users activity and can later replay it. Just like a voice recorder can make a record of all the sound through a microphone, macro recorders can make a record of all the input device events which includes keyboard, mouse and touchpad activity. These macro recorders are very useful when you have to repeat some computer activity over and over again. For example, when you have to enter the same data in an online application form. An application Jitbit Macro Recorder offers Windows’ users the ability to record and play macros quickly.

Easy to record macros

Recording macros is very easy using Jitbit Macro Recorder. You can click on the Record button or use the hotkey Ctrl+R to start recording a macro. While recording, a small toolbar appears near the top-left corner of your screen. From this recording toolbar, you can pause or stop recording. You can also stop recording using Ctrl+Q hotkey. This will open the macro editor window from where you can save the recorded macro as an MCR file.

Jitbit Macro Recorder

Advanced macro editor

Jitbit Macro Recorder is an advanced macro recorder software that can not only record your input device activity, but also allows you to edit the macro manually. In the macro script, you can delete, add or insert new commands through an easy-to-use editors. You can insert commands such as launching websites, run C# code, repeat a group of instructions many times in a loop, add conditional statements, open or save files, read data from the clipboard and more.

Jitbit Macro Recorder

Export as standalone EXE files

If you recorded a macro and want to run it on a computer different than your own, then you do not have to install Jitbit Macro Recorder on other computers. You can create a standalone EXE file that allows you to run the macro on other computers. For this, you have to load the macro file in Jitbit Macro Recorder and then choose to Compile to Exe from the File menu. This creates a small EXE file containing everything needed to run that macro.

Speed up macro playback

When you playback a recorded macro, it will play it back at the same speed at which it was recorded. But in order to make things a little faster, you can speed up the playback too. In the Jitbit Macro Recorder settings, you can choose playback speed and make it faster or slower. How fast you want a macro to be played back, depends on how fast your system or a web app is responding.

Jitbit Macro Recorder


We tried Jitbit Macro Recorder with various websites and applications. It worked flawlessly with all of them. We had some trouble recording macros from websites because hotkey Ctrl+R to record macro also is hotkey for refreshing a webpage. With the help of macro editor, we could remove all the parts that we did not need and inserted loop repetitions. Overall, Jitbit Macro Recorder impressed us as a really advanced and easy to use macro recorder for Windows.

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