Tabliss : Beautiful New Tab Page for Mozilla Firefox

Ever since cloud computing and web apps have become popular, so many of us work through the web browsers everyday. Everything is done through an open web browser window containing multiple tabs. When you are going to spend all the day working with an open web browser window in front of you, it makes sense to make the web browser look pleasant to the eyes.

We can make web browsers look much more beautiful through the use of themes or extensions such as Tabliss which changes the new tab page in the Firefox web browser to a lovely page with stunning background images. Tabliss can also be customized to add various other things on the new tab page.

Tabliss for Firefox

Tabliss has what it calls widgets that can be added or removed from the new tab page through Tabliss interface. You can click on the small cogwheel icon near the top-left corner on the new tab page to open Tabliss settings. In the settings, you can choose a background type – color gradient, solid color, GIPHY, unsplash or use your own background image. When you pick one of these options, you are given more customization options. For example, when you select color gradient, you can choose the two colors from which the gradient is made.

Tabliss for Firefox

You can add widgets that appear on the new tab page. These widgets include greetings, literature clock, time, todos, weather, search box, quotes, quick links, NBA scores, messages or custom CSS code. You can even change the language in which the new tab page appears. Similarly, the timezone can be switched to any location in the world.

Tabliss for Firefox

Not only Tabliss makes your new tab page in the Firefox web browser look pretty but also very useful too. You can add multiple widgets using Tabliss and have many practical features right on the new tab page.

You can get the Tabliss extension for Mozilla Firefox browser from