Record Webcam, Screen or Both with Vimeo Record

One thing that the current pandemic has done to the world is that it has forced us all to use online video conferencing applications like Skype and Zoom. So many people didn’t even know about these applications before the pandemic hit the world. After only a few months even the little school kids know everything about apps like Zoom and Google Hangout.

What is Vimeo Record?

And now Vimeo has entered the field of video conferencing as they have come up with a new Chrome extension called Vimeo Record. This small extension allows any Chrome web browser to record the screen, webcam or both. The video recording can be shared with your coworkers and friends. The videos are stored on Vimeo and therefore a Vimeo account is needed. Everything is free and appears to be a great tool to share video messages back and forth with your work team.

Why use Vimeo Record?

The main argument that Vimeo has come up in favor of this new tool is that we speak seven times faster than we type. So when we want to send a message to sometime, it would be faster and much clearer to just make a small video about that message. Compared to text messages, Vimeo Record video snippets can be faster, more detailed and are more personal. Vimeo is offering unlimited number of videos to be hosted on their servers.

How to get started with Vimeo Record?

In order to use Vimeo Record, all you have to do is create a Vimeo account, sign-in to your Vimeo account in the Chrome web browser and then install Vimeo Record extension in Chrome. Once installed, you can just click on the Vimeo icon in the Chrome omnibar, choose what you want to record and then click on Start Recording.

Vimeo Record

Among the options to record, you can choose to record your screen, your web cam or both. When you choose to record both, your webcam appears in the lower-left corner in a small inset window. You can use this mode for explanation of something.

You can get the Vimeo Record extension for Chrome web browser by visiting