How to Find Missing Phone with iEvaphone

Has it ever happened to you that you forgot where you placed your mobile phone last time. You come home, all tired after a hard day’s work, and then put your mobile phone somewhere. You wake up in the morning, but now you cannot remember where your mobile phone is. You know that the mobile phone is somewhere in your house, but just don’t know where.

So what should be done? A very common suggestion often heard is that you call your own mobile phone using landline phone or another mobile phone. But what if you do not have another landline or mobile phone? Surely, you can email your sister to call your mobile phone but by the time she reads your email message, chances are that your mobile phone will run out of battery charge.

A quicker way to ring your misplaced phone is through iEvaphone. In order to call your mobile phone using iEvaphone, you just have to visit the iEvaphone website and enter your mobile number before clicking on the call button. Using this free service you can all any mobile number located anywhere in the world.


You have to be patient when using this free service. In our experience, we found out that it does not start calling the phone right away. Rather it first waits for a few seconds during which nothing happens and you just see a message “calling….” on your screen.

When you receive the phone call, it will keep ringing for 1 whole minute. In this time, you can find your phone by listening to its ringtone. If you have a huge house and the mobile phone cannot be found in this time, you can call it once again.


iEvaphone website says that it maintains confidentiality and does not pass on the information to third-parties. They also give a warning not to abuse the service to make prank calls or to harass someone. For legal purposes, they retain the information (mobile number and IP address) for three months.

You can visit iEvaphone website at