Speedy Duplicate Finder : Blazing Fast Duplicate Files Finder

People have been grappling with the problem of duplicate files for many years. What happens is that we keep copying files from various removable devices like portable USB drives, digital cameras, or smartphones on the hard drives of your PC. Many times we copy the same files in different folders without knowing that we have already copied them before. This way we get two or more sets of the same files on the hard drive – resulting in the duplicate files problem.

We can easily take care of these duplicate files using a software like Speedy Duplicate Finder. This smart software can find different sets of duplicate files on your hard drive in seconds. It is designed with an algorithm that is really blazing fast and fetches all the duplicate files in a very short time – usually seconds. According to the developers, it can go through 10,000 files in less than half a second.

Speedy Duplicate Finder

Speedy Duplicate Finder has a modern user interface. After launching the software, you have to add folders that you want to scan for the duplicates. You can add an entire drive if you want to scan whole of the hard drive. Afterwards, you just have to click on the Scan button and it will start displaying the results.

The duplicates scan results are displayed in form of circular pie chart. All files in each of the duplicate groups except one file are selected for deletion. You can simply click on the Delete button to remove the duplicate files. However, if you want to view the details, then you can click on the chart and it will display a big list of all the duplicate files that it has found. From here you can choose which files are to be removed.

Speedy Duplicate Finder

In the free version, there is a limit to how many duplicate files you can remove. If you upgrade to the pro paid version, then this limit is removed and you also receive support about the product.

You can download Speedy Duplicate Finder from https://qiplex.com/software/speedy-duplicate-finder/.