VideoProc : Video Editor, Converter and Recorder for Windows and Mac

VideoProc is a comprehensive software suite for conversion, editing, and recording video files. It comes with all the necessary tools needed for all of these video related operations. It can even use the power of your computers graphics processor (GPU) to process the videos and speed up the process by a factor of more than 40 times. It supports Nvidia, Intel and AMD graphics processors for enhancing the video processing.

VideoProc has a very modern and beautiful user interface. From its main window, you can select any of the supported operations – video, DVD, or recorder. The video section has all the video processing and editing tools. You can add your video source files and add various operations to be carried out on them.  You can combine multiple video files into a single video, you can export a section from a video file, you can split a single video file into multiple videos, you can edit out some sections from the videos, change the order of the videos when joining them, add subtitles, add effects, ass watermarks, cut, crop, rotate, and more.


For video conversion, you have to choose a destination video file format. You can choose a number of destination formats from a list of popular formats , video file types, device types, etc. All of these operations can be applied by clicking on the Run button.

With the help of the video recorder feature of VideoProc, you can record videos using input streams coming from your webcam, your screen or both. This is really useful if you want to make a tutorial video for Youtube. In the recorder you can choose to remove the webcam background and replace it with some other picture which gives a Green Screen like effect.

VideoProc can import and process videos from all of your devices including action cameras like Sony Go Pro. It can work with HD, UltraHD and 4K videos easily by harnessing the power of your GPU. When wide-angle videos can fisheye effect, VideoProc can be used to remove it from your videos. It comes with an effect that can stabilize your shaking videos recorded using action cameras.

You can download VideoProc from