York : Network Sniffer and Analyzer for Windows

York is a small network sniffer and analyzer for Windows. Using York, you can capture the data packets being transferred between your PC and the remote networks. It can capture data packets along with the time of transfer, remote network address, protocol used and the length of the data packets. Furthermore all of the network traffic is automatically categorized to make it easy for you to find the traffic you are interested in.

The user interface of York looks similar to the popular SysInternals’ tool TCPView. In its window, you can see the network data traffic packets captured with full details. They are categorized and places in various tabs such as files, passwords, web sessions, pictures, and logs.

Using York is very easy. All you have to do is install York on your PC and then launch it. Afterwards, everything you do online is monitored by York. It looks for the patterns in the data traffic packets and recognizes the patterns used when a user is trying to logon to a remote server using HTTP, FTP, POP3 or SMB. These usernames and passwords can be seen in plaintext under the passwords section of York.

York Network Scanner

Similar to the passwords, it can capture transmitted files over FTP or HTTP protocols. Obviously, secure encrypted protocols like HTTPS and FTPS are not captured. If these files are popular image files like JPEG or PNG, you can find them under the “Pictures” section. These pictures are displayed in a slide show format and you can even use an included screensaver that displays these captured pictures.

York is a smart network analysis tool designed only for the network administrators. It supports capturing of packets sent or received through protocols like TCP, UDP, NetBIOS, ICMP. It is a great tool for analysis your network, studying how data is being transferred or for troubleshooting network related problems.

You can download York from https://www.the-sz.com/products/york/.