Add Extra Context Menu Tools with Shell Tools for Windows

Shell Tools is a pack of many tools that are added to the context-menu of Windows File Explorer. When you install Shell Tools on your Windows PC, it will make working with files much more productive and easy as now you will have some very common tasks at the distance of a right-click.

Shell Tools offers many tools of all kinds -for working with files, for working with folders, for working with images and for working with fonts.

Tools for working with files

Copy File Path – This tool is for copying the path of a file which could be useful when you are making changes to the settings of another program.

Copy File Size – This tool does exactly what it says, it calculates and copies the size of the selected file to the clipboard.

Add Note – This tool adds a note or comment to the selected file. It is great tool when you are archiving files for later use.

Shell Tools

Tools for working with folders

These tools can help you toggle various settings for Windows folders. For example, you can enable to show hidden files, to show file extensions, to show super-hidden files, refresh icons cache and more. Usually these settings are available from the folder options of File Explorer, but when changing these settings from Shell Tools, it takes only a second for toggling them.

Tools for working with fonts

People who work with image editors know the importance of loading and unloading fonts without having to install them. We at also created a program called FontLoader a long time ago for this specific purpose. Now you have a similar tool available from Shell Tools and it can load, unload, install and uninstall fonts right from the context-menu.

Shell Tools

Tools for working with images

Some image related operations are so common and so simple that you should not require a full fledged image editor for carrying them out. Shell Tools has kept this in mind and has included some basic image operations like resizing the images. You will find it really very useful when resizing large images captured using your smartphone or action cameras.


Shell Tools is a very carefully selected set of tools that cater to the needs for common Windows users. They have added some basic and frequently used tools for files, folders, images and fonts. And if you do not need any of these, then you can disable them from the Shell Tools settings. It worked without any glitches when we used it on our Windows 10 system.

You can download Shell Tools from


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