Psono : Free Password Manager for Teams

There are tons of password managers that target the individuals and offer to generate, store and encrypt their passwords in offline or online locations. But if you want to have a password manager for your team then you can try Psono Password Manager. It is free and is available for a number of platforms. The easiest way to procure Psono password manager is by installing its web browser extension which is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both.

In order to start using Psono Password Manager, you have to create a free account at Psono. This option is available from the browser extension menu itself. You have to supply your email address and choose a password. It won’t let you choose a weak password for the security reasons.

Psono Password Manager

This Psono account can be used by all the team members in your work place or school. After you login to your Psono account, you will be able to open the password database or generate a new strong password. The new entries in the Psono password database can be added either manually or when you login to an online account such as Dropbox.

Psono Password Manager

Psono offers very high grade encryption so all your passwords are stored securely after having been encrypted. They use Cloudflare infrastructure to thwart any DDoS attacks on their networks ensuring that you always have access to your stored passwords even in the case of directed attacks.

Psono Password Manager

In addition, they have been using very modern firewalls and vulnerability prevention technologies to keep their networks always safe. Furthermore, you can run your own Psono server using their Psono server docker image. This is really useful for people who want to have their own servers running this password manager for their private use.

You can get Psono Password Manager for various platforms from