BZ Reminder : Easy Reminder for Android Smartphones

BZ Reminder is a small, simple and efficient reminder app for Android users. It comes with only the much needed features expected from a reminder app and does not confuse the users with an overflow of useless and time wasting features. It is a great app for keeping yourself aware of any events or tasks that you must attend to and you do not want to forget about. It can also act like a to-do list app for you because after all reminders are nothing but notifications about things that we want to do in the future.

In the BZ Reminder app, you can begin by adding a reminder as soon as you tap on the big red circular + button. You have to provide a title for the reminder, the time at which the reminder will be shown, a color for the reminder, whether the reminder has to be repeated and in that case the frequency of repeating it. You can also add a contact from your address book, a phone number and some more things that could be useful when a reminder is displayed on your smartphone screen.

BZ Reminder

When the time comes, the reminder appears in the notification area of your smartphone. It will make an audible alert and display options for snoozing the reminder off for 15 minutes or 1 hour. You can also tap on “complete” action to mark the task completed. Until the task is marked completed or cancelled, it will continue to make audible alerts and keep reminding you of the pending tasks.

BZ Reminder

It is a nifty little app that can help users remember to carry out some tasks that are very important for your work or personal life. Not only it reminds you of the tasks that you have added, but it also reminds you of any missed phone calls.

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