GOG Giveaway : 2D Action Game “Butcher”

GOG is giving away Butcher for free. Even though it was first released in 2016, it is a 2D game designed in the old fashioned early 90’s gaming style. As with all the GOG games, it will be available in a DRM free package for everyone so that you can keep it forever and install anytime later.

The box package graphic image and the wallpaper available from GOG might make it look like really scary and gory, but the actual game play is not that scary. The game is designed to be 2D game and contains graphics reminiscing of Blood 2 or Quake 2 from late 90s. Even without realistic graphics, the game is actually very violent.

The underlying story of this game resembles that of the smash-hit movie Terminator. Just like in the movie, where Terminator was sent from the future to “terminate” some people, in the game you play a cyborg sent from the future to destroy everyone. So there is not much thinking that the gamers will have to do – you just have to play through everything that comes across your path.

GOG Giveaway Butcher

You can take a pick of your choice of weapons in the game and go on a rampage. The game has more than twenty levels, many cities and many maps. The graphics give you a post-apocalyptic feeling. On your way, you will meet resistance and will have to fight the toughest battles for your life.

The game requirements are very minimal for today’s computers. It needs only 512MB of RAM and DirectX 9. This means that any computers that you bought in 2005 will also be able to run this game without any struggle.

In order to claim the free Butcher game, you can visit https://www.gog.com/game/butcher in next 48 hours. The downloaded DRM free package is only 104 MB and offers cloud storage saves.

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