Capture Screen Colors in Many Formats with Just Color Picker

If you are a web designer then you know the necessity of capturing the color of some pixels from the images being used in a web project so that you can use the color code in the cascading style sheets (CSS). Without knowing the actual hex code or the RGB value of the colors, it becomes a matter of hit and miss. For capturing the color from any area on your screen, you can use a freeware tool called Just Color Picker.

It is a tool dedicated to capturing and translating the colors into many different formats : HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL, HWB, CMY, CMYK and Delphi. The Delphi code is useful only for developers who use Delphi language for making applications. Of all these color code formats, HTML, HEX and RGB are the most popular.

Just Color Picker

After launching Just Color Picker, you can simply start moving your mouse cursor on your screen. The color of the pixel that your mouse cursor is pointing to is displayed the color region of the Just Color Picker window. Apart from the color, its code, the location coordinates of the pixel from where you selected this color is also displayed.

If there is an element on your screen that changes color when you hover your mouse pointer over it, then you can use the “Screen Freeze” feature of Just Color Picker. For activating the screen freeze, you have to use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Z and once the screen has frozen, you can pick that color without worrying about it changing as soon as you move your mouse pointer.

Apart from picking the color off your screen, you can also use color wheels offered by Just Color Picker. You can also use these wheels to locate the selected colors on the wheels and find out more how the colors will look on your graphics or web projects.

Just Color Picker

Since the application is designed for web designers, it has a text testing tool built inside it. Using this tool, you can experiment with various background and foreground text color combinations and see how you text will look like. You can also change the font face and size. This makes it very easy to find a perfect color combo for your web site text.

Just Color Picker is a nifty little tool that offers all the features desired by a web designer. It can help you pick the colors, convert them into multiple color codes, find similar colors, find colors for text, and more.

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